Headed and conceptualized since 2002 by Laureen Zawacki, reputable and well-known make up artist of the wedding industry, Makeup Studio Team was formed by Laureen’s dream of creating a team of hairstylists and make up artists who will specialize in bridal and events aesthetics and hence call the make up studio the home of the bridal specialists.

Laureen Zawacki is the first female makeup artist who grew into prominence in the field, leading for others to flow. She was also first to utilize airbrush for bridal makeup, perfecting the technique in 2007 attending a course (airbrush for film, TV and HD) in the London Film Academy.

Laureen started out in print and TV commercials but decided to concentrate on weddings for her career.

All makeup artists under MUST are practicing professionals with a minimum experience of five years, have mastered their craft and inherited their meticulous work ethic under Laureen Zawacki.

Makeup Studio Team specializes in bridal and events aesthetics, ensuring that the client will look her best and will achieve a timeless look that will not go out of style. The team studied and through many various experiences, has fully understood the effects of lighting, different photography/videography styles and how they relate to make up.

The team not only cares for the aesthetic sake of the client, but also for the whole well being of the client during the whole event as they stay for retouch and further assistance until the start of reception or as the event may require. Since we only accept one wedding per day for each partner (team) the quality of work and the concentration of the artists the client booked are ensured.