Birthday Makeup, Beautiful Makeup for Parties, etc. With Your Own Hands

The holidays are not a very frequent occurrence in a series of gray weekdays. When someone is celebrating, we want to feel completely in tune with the event, starting with the mood and ending with the appearance. Makeup is an important part of the festive image. It is distinguished from the usual everyday version by a bright palette and additional decorative details in the form of sequins, rhinestones or false eyelashes.

Features of festive makeup

Each woman has her own idea of holiday makeup. For some, it’s a change of flesh-pink shade of lipstick to carmine red, and for others, it’s a real art that involves working with halftones, eyeliners, foundation and highlighter.

Doing holiday makeup, you need to take into account a lot of nuances, starting with the location of the event and ending with the type of lighting (natural or artificial). Choosing the right foundation will hide all the flaws of the skin and allow it to shine, shadows and pouting will make you look more profound, and lipstick and gloss will give seductive contours of the lips.

The difference between festive and everyday makeup

What are the main differences between the holiday makeup and the everyday version:

Brightness. Nude daytime makeup is a neat accentuation of the advantages of the face with translucent shadows, flesh-pink blush, soft glitter or pale lipstick. A perfect daytime makeup is almost invisible. An evening image requires brightness, accents and elaboration of details.

Duration of application. To apply the tone, to put on eyelashes and to wear glitter on the lips – all this takes 5-10 minutes. Complicated makeup for a celebration requires a lot more time (30-60 minutes).

Add a little extra makeup. When creating an evening image, you can safely use false eyelashes, rhinestones, glitters, patterns, feathers.

The application of complex makeup requires careful preparation: cleansing the skin, moisturizing it, the application of a special basis (cream or emulsion).

Birthday Makeup

Types of evening makeup

Birthday, New Year’s Eve, corporate or club party – each of the occasions requires a certain image and appropriate makeup. Consider the most relevant options for different occasions.


Makeup, made in the classic style, is perfect for a trip to the theater, a romantic date or a photo shoot. The elegant hairstyle will create a complete image. The absence of the unusual bright colors, the rich hues of the natural palette, the clarity of the eyeliner and the general consistency are the hallmarks of the classic makeup. Retro-style with voluminous arrows and matte scarlet lipstick is in fashion. Still popular and “smoky eyes”, made with smoky shadows.


Bright, catchy, unusual and attractive – that’s how makeup should be for the party. Club events imply a specific light design, which should be taken into account when selecting a makeup. In an atmosphere of twilight, you can safely use bright shadows with pigments, face sequins, rhinestones and elements of body art.

Use false eyelashes, eyeliner in neon colors and multicolored mascara. The main requirement is durability. The spotlight and dancing activity could lead to a face that would “sweat”.

Work (corporate).

Corporate parties are an integral part of work activities. Some have them once a year, on the eve of the New Year holidays, and some have them several times a quarter. Small celebrations in companies are usually held immediately after work, so female employees do not always have time to prepare.

Light work makeup is most often done in a nude style. The natural palette does not imply the use of bright, unusual colors. To correct it in a “festive way”, you can draw arrows, using a little darker blush or shimmering shadows. Sometimes it’s enough just to change the shade of lipstick for a brighter color.


Sometimes the occasion is so substantial that it requires the most responsible approach. Weddings, anniversaries, formal receptions and social gatherings – events that involve the presence of many people who will mark both the advantages of appearance and its shortcomings.

Makeup for a birthday party should be not only spectacular, but also comfortable for the birthday girl. It is not worth experimenting with new types of cosmetics that can provoke allergies, heavy shadows and too dense foundation. The same rules should guide brides who want to look good at wedding photos.

The step-by-step application of festive makeup

Before working independently with the use of decorative cosmetics, it is necessary to get acquainted with the list of steps, their sequence and the correct execution of each operation. Step-by-step instructions for performing holiday makeup always begin with the application of the base.

Makeup Base

The primer helps to even out the skin structure, cover up skin blemishes and fasten the subsequent makeup. Silicone contained in the base is responsible for smoothing, pigments are responsible for masking and even tone of the dermis. High-quality primers are protected against UV rays.

Perfectly selected bases leave the skin velvety and matte, and prevent greasy shine. For a festive makeup use primers with a shining effect.


Makeup for the holiday with their own hands is impossible without the right choice of foundation. For the celebration indoors, you can use a dense foundation with light-reflective pigments. Thanks to the artificial light, the skin will be filled with a healthy glow.

If the celebration takes place outdoors, the optimal choice is a translucent foundation, which will allow the skin to breathe and will be little noticeable.


In the case of a greasy prone dermal to use a light loose powders, which not only mask the shine, but also fix makeup.

A compact cream powder will allow you to skip the step with the foundation, as it is capable of concealing flaws and even out skin tone. The owners of dry skin should use this option.

This cosmetic product is applied to the skin with a special sponge. Whereas for loose powder use a broad brush or powders.


Any, even a light holiday makeup, requires a competent design of the eyebrows. You can shape them yourself or in a salon. Accentuate the curve with a pencil, shadows or gel eyeliner. The main condition is that the new shade of the eyebrows should not be more than a tone different from their natural color.

Eye make up

Depending on the occasion, the shades of shadows, cosmetics and elements of eye decorations are selected. For a festive makeup, it is advisable to use shimmer shadows and a variety of glitters, coinciding with them in shade. Do not ignore the arrows, body art and stick-on rhinestones. However, from the whole list of accents, it is best to choose one thing so as not to appear vulgar.


Light makeup for a small corporate party after work allows the use of normal mascara with an extending or volumizing effect. Before a special event, you can use false eyelashes. Mink fur eyelashes or eyelashes with feathers will make a strong impression.


Accentuate the cheekbones and correct the oval face will help contouring. You can use a powder sculptor or blush line for this. Contouring is done with a special slightly slanted brush. The product is applied along the hairline, on the wings of the nose and cheekbones. The main thing is to choose the right shade and blend the cosmetic product well.


Powder highlighter with a neat shimmer is an important part of the festive makeup. It is applied to the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the forehead and the area above the upper lip. Use liquid highlighter before fixing makeup, immediately after applying foundation. Powder highlighter should be used after powder finishing powder.


An inconspicuous natural gloss is ideal for a nude makeup, but it is hardly suitable for evening image. A bright matte lipstick will be a successful finishing touch. If the event involves a dinner or a banquet, it is worth choosing a persistent version, which will not come off the lips after eating and drinking.


A fixer-spray is ideal for an event that lasts more than 3-4 hours. The fixer solves the problem of systematic makeup touch-ups and allows it to “sit” on the face without blurring the applied cosmetic products.

The festive makeup requires not only the application of makeup, but also a creative approach. In this case, the created image will be long remembered by the participants of the party.

How can I do my birthday makeup?

There are many makeup products that you can use for your birthday. You can start by choosing a foundation that is light in color and blends well with your skin tone. You can also choose a concealer to cover up any blemishes or acne you may have. You might also want to use blush on the apples of your cheeks and apply some mascara.