How to convince your parents to let you wear makeup

Do you want to wear makeup, but your parents won’t let you? Foremost, try to figure out the reasons for the ban. Is it because they think you are too young? Or is it their religious prejudice? You have to respect your parents’ opinions first, and only then demand that they respect your opinion. Yes, it is difficult. But nothing is impossible! Just tell your mom how you feel…


  1. Ask your mom to give you a makeover. Then tell her that you like yourself better with makeup on, and ask if she can buy you your personal makeup.
  2. Talk to your parents calmly, do not escalate. Prove that you’re really an adult, and tantrums are the province of young children. If parents explain your decision, try to eliminate the things that made your parents make that decision. If your parents say you’re too young, ask them why they think that. Promise that you won’t wear very bright makeup (this usually works).
  3. Start with the basics – lip gloss and nail polish. Skin care products are a good place to start. Let your parents see that you want to take care of yourself: that you moisturize your lips so they don’t crack, that you paint your nails, so they don’t flake, etc.
  4. Tell your parents that you need makeup so that you can accentuate your beautiful features. We don’t even doubt that you are a very pretty girl, but a small amount of makeup definitely won’t ruin your appearance.
  5. Make a deal with your parents. For example, have your parents promise that if you finish the year without a “C”, they will allow you to use cosmetics.
  6. Tell your parents that you consider makeup an art form and that you want to develop your creativity through makeup. Just be careful, as your parents might get scared and think that you want to make a clown out of yourself.
  7. Tell them that there is a party coming up and that you want to look special at the party. If they allow it, do your makeup not only for the holiday, but also for the next day, and see if they notice a change in you. Let your parents see that you do your makeup well and that it suits you.
  8. If your parents say no to you, convince them of your “maturity.” Accept their decision and do your best to show that they were wrong to think you were just a baby. They may change their mind.
  9. If your parents say yes, try not to do anything that might make them change their mind. Always try to be independent and judicious, and remember that the less makeup, the better!
  10. And lastly, remember that makeup should make you feel good. If your parents don’t let you, you shouldn’t sneak makeup into the bathroom at school. If parents find out the truth (and they will find out), they finally cease to trust you, and no joy is just out of the question.
convince your parents to let you wear makeup


Make sure that the color of cosmetics suited to your skin. Something that might look good on your friend, may not suit you.

Don’t rush things. Let your loved ones slowly get used to the change. Remember that makeup should accentuate your beauty, not hide it from those around you.

Makeup can make you look older, and can make you look a few years younger. If you put a lot of black mascara on your eyelashes and red lipstick on your lips, you will look 30 years old or even look like a clown.

Black mascara and eye pencil suit almost everyone, but black still looks better.

Often supermarkets have cosmetics distributors, ask them: they can give you some worthwhile tips.

You can find a huge number of video tutorials on how to properly apply makeup on the Internet. Theory in theory, but you can’t do without practice either.

Do not use bright red lipstick, bright powder and bright shadows.

Many parents are horrified by black eyeliner, so start with brown or navy blue.

Many people think that the ideal age to start doing makeup is 13-14 years old. But it doesn’t have to be. Even if you do think that makeup will make you look more mature at that age, you can still take your time and wait until you are 15-16. At a more mature age, you’ll realize that you did the right thing.

How to convince your parents to let you wear makeup


Remember that all decisions your parents make depend on how you feel about your parents. Don’t run away from home to your friends, don’t use makeup without permission, and you will be able to build rapport and negotiate.

If they say, “No,” you don’t have to make a scandal out of it. Just go to another room, and in two weeks remind them of your request again.