Facial contouring: step by step instructions for beginners with photos

Cosmetics can work wonders! Every day, millions of girls around the world apply a variety of decorative products and become participants in the delightful transformation. Most often, makeup is used to conceal flaws and emphasize strengths. In the process of the development of the beauty industry there are new techniques that allowed not only to improve the natural beauty, but also to change the natural shape! So, making a few lucky strokes, you can visually reduce the nose, highlight the cheekbones and hide the cheeks.What is it

Contouring is a technique of applying cosmetics in different shades to give contours relief. The main principle of sculpting is the play of light and shadow. Bright tones, meeting with dark ones, are able to visually change the shape of the chin, eyes, lips and other parts. Initially, this method was used by makeup artists in the theater. Actresses had to look flawless so that the audience noticed them from anywhere in the hall. Over time, makeup artists mastered the technique and used it in preparation for photo shoots or fashion shows. In 2010, the notorious diva Kim Kardashian literally opened sculpting for ordinary girls. Since then, contouring has gradually become part of the everyday makeup of many girls.

Preparation for proper face contouring for beginners

Even if you will be painted by the most technical makeup artist in the world, you will not get anything good without preparations. For the base to lie evenly on the skin, you need to take good care of it.

  • Cleansing. Use foam, special oil or lotion to wash off the remains of old cosmetics. Even if you are no longer wearing makeup, this point still should not be ignored. The cleanser will help remove excess sebum and impurities.
  • Toning. Immediately after washing your skin, wipe it with a cotton pad wetted with a tonic. This will make your skin fresher and prepare it for further action.
  • Moisturize. No matter how oily, dry or normal the dermis is, it needs moisture in any case. For health there is not always enough fluid that enters the body. That’s why you need to apply a moisturizer after the toning stage.
  • Toning. After the full range of mandatory grooming procedures, you can proceed to makeup. Apply a primer or base, to make your makeup last longer. Afterwards use any foundation that is comfortable for you. You can also use bb-cream or powder. It is important that the product should be suitable for your derma type and compatible with the rest of your makeup.
Facial contouring


In order to understand them, it is important to have an idea of all the products that makeup is done with. There are several types of concealers.


They somewhat resemble eye shadow. In the manufacture of such cosmetics, pigment and minerals are combined together under the action of the press. Powdered agents for contouring give a very natural effect, due to the fact that they are applied in a rather thin and weightless layer. It is most convenient to apply them with special brushes. If you do not have them, you can use the pads of your fingers.


Such correctors have a very dense texture. They hold well, but they must be carefully shaded. If the product is not distributed well enough, it can turn out not a shadow, but very inappropriate rough streaks. It is better to distribute with a sponge or stiff brush.


They are similar to foundations. To understand how to properly contour your face in this way, it is only important to remember the mechanics of applying foundation. You simply squeeze a little liquid onto a sponge or thick brush, and then distribute it. The result is a natural and long-lasting effect.


This is a professional version of makeup. Such a corrective product is a simple pigmented powder, not mixed with additional binders. Such a texture allows the makeup artist to independently determine the degree of saturation of the application.

Sculpting tools

They are selected depending on the purpose of the makeup and the structure of the means with which it is carried out.

A brush with a beveled edge

It is perfect for dry bronzer or powder bronzer. It is usually used to apply blush, but it is also good for darkening the cheekbone area. It is an easy way to distribute cream on the skin and blend it out naturally.


The porous “egg” appeared on the cosmetic market not long ago, but it quickly managed to win the hearts of all girls. It helps to evenly distribute the tone. Also with the help of a sponge and gel or liquid correctors you can make a delightful sculpting. The contents of the jars can be either “dabbed” with patting movements, or simply smeared.


This is a very thick and dense brush. It doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out how to properly apply facial contouring fluid by applying it. Kabuki takes on both dry and creamy textures well. The straight cut allows you to draw sharp lines while shading so that they are not visible from the outside. Pigment taken on the brush is best applied by punching.

Brush fan 

The hairs of this tool form a wide enough area. This allows you to paint as accurately and naturally as possible. “It is convenient to contour the forehead, cheekbones, areas under the eyebrows as well as the collarbones and breasts (if necessary).

Silicone sponge

Shaped like a petal. This beauty product does not absorb any cosmetic product and allows you to use it completely. You can twist or bend the sponge to trace contours of a certain width.

Small flat brush

Step-by-step photo instruction on face contouring for beginners will tell you how to properly apply this tool from the palette cream. We advise to make accents on small details: the corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose and the bow of the upper lip. It is most convenient to do this with the help of small brushes. They are also suitable for using shadows.

Contouring according to skull shapes

The main and the same point for all types is an even tone. Before you start sculpting, it is necessary to prepare the skin well, about this was detailed in one of the previous paragraphs.


The main purpose of makeup in this case is to make a round face more elongated.

  • Darken the hairline well, without affecting the temple area.
  • On the sides of the lower jaw, apply a darker shade, so as to visually narrow them.
  • Highlight the cheekbone area with a sharp line: it should be quite rough and sharp.
  • Spread the highlighter over the chin area.
  • Add light pigment in the corners of the eyes, on the upper lip, forehead and the apples of the cheeks.


The facial contouring photo scheme in this case involves adding smooth lines and smoothing out all the angular contours.

  • Emphasize the cheekbone line with large triangles.
  • Apply thin black or brown stripes to the top of the forehead.
  • Add some darker color along the line of the lower jaw.
  • Lightly lighten the forehead.
  • Draw long highlights on the cheekbones.
  • Accentuate the inner corners of the eyes, the chin and the back of the nose with highlighter.


Girls with a triangular type when applying makeup, it is important to balance all proportions.

  • Apply highlighter around the edges of the jaw.
  • In the center of the chin, add a dark spot and blend it well.
  • Draw a wide, dark line down the hairline to the temples.
  • Highlight the cheekbones with a play of light and shadow.
  • If necessary, add glitter to the other protruding parts.


How to use a palette to contour an elongated face? Follow the basic rules. The oval silhouette is considered ideal among makeup artists. There is no need to change anything about it, just emphasize all the features.

  • Add bronzer to the lower part of the chin.
  • Arc darken the upper part of the forehead.
  • Accentuate the cheekbone.
  • Add highlighter under the brow, on the tip and back of the nose, on the top of the lip and the forehead.

Lip Correction

You may have several goals in this case, and there is a specific method for each.

  • Visual augmentation. To visually enlarge the lips, you need to take some concealer or light corrector without shimmering substance in the composition. For this case, it is ideal to use a thin white pencil, otherwise you can use a thin brush. Light or flesh-colored cosmetic product draw a contour. Then already on top of this you can apply lipstick or gloss, a little beyond the edges and creating the desired shape. Also, you can take a darker color and have them draw perfect lips.
  • Giving sensuality and relief. Many videos on how to do face contouring contain lessons on how to highlight the lips. To give them a plump and passionate look, you need to make a small accent on the upper “bow”, using highlighter. This is done with a brush, sponge or (in the absence of them) with the pad of your finger. Lastly, the lips can be given some color, but they can also be left natural.

Once finished, you can use a light powder to smooth out your lips.

Cosmetics for your skin type

No matter how expensive the products you buy, they’re useless if they don’t suit your skin type. Some of these products look great on one skin type, but they just wobble and look terrible on another. Derma, which is characterized by normal subcutaneous fat secretion, usually responds perfectly to all textures. What to do for people with other features will be described below.

Oily Skin

The importance of choosing the right skin care products has been discussed more than once in this article. Contrary to all prejudices, girls with an increased amount of sebum on the skin does not need to dry the epidermis at all. It is enough to choose the right palette. So, cleansing should be carried out with the help of foams, and moisturizing – with a cream that provides a matting effect. It is possible to prefer a “toner” to a powder or to powder it on top. As for the tools for contouring, in this case it is better to give preference to dry textures. You can choose a bronzer or a loose pigment. It is important that all cosmetics create a matte effect. Liquid and creamy textures can “flow” or add an inappropriate greasy shine. We also advise you to use highlighter carefully. To avoid an “oil pancake” effect, apply it only to the tip of the nose and corners of the eyes.


Moisturize! This is the most important thing in the care of this type. For washing, it is better to choose a special oil or a gentle milk. With a cream, there’s probably no question: it’s better to choose something very greasy and nourishing. As a foundation, all creamy textures will do, from the standard “tonal toner” to b-b-cream. Powder in these conditions will not be quite appropriate. The corrector palette should contain gel or liquid cosmetic products. By choosing something nourishing and oily, you will restore balance, because of this the entire skin will look healthy and beautiful.

Of course, all these recommendations are individual. Some points, if necessary, it is better to discuss with a dermatologist or cosmetologist.