How to look feminine: appearance gestures clothing shoes

As we have already understood, femininity is more of an internal quality. However, the external must correspond to the internal. That’s why it is important to look feminine as well as to feel a real woman.

Today we will talk about feminine appearance. To look feminine will help us not only clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, but also our manners, gestures, movements.

How to look feminine: the most important rule

Femininity is the opposite of masculinity. To look feminine, you just need to emphasize what distinguishes us from men.

Men have sharp, chopped gestures, while women’s gestures are soft and smooth.

Men have short hair and women have long hair.

Men wear pants and women wear skirts.

Men’s clothes are strict, while women’s are dressed with frills, lace, and jewelry.

Men do not wear makeup, but women use it to emphasize the advantages of their faces: big eyes, inviting lips, a healthy glow.

You see – it’s simple! You just need to emphasize the difference between himself and a man. Everything else follows from this rule.

How to look feminine

Feminine gestures, behavior, voice

I want to start with behavior and gestures, because without all of this, even the most beautiful clothes look comical.

Femininity inside manifests itself in everything outside. This includes gestures, movements, gait, speech, manners and many other things. If you began to develop femininity in yourself, surely after a while you will look more feminine without noticing it.

Feminine gestures are smooth, soft movements, as opposed to harsh and rude male. Very feminine look and cat gestures. Cat gestures in general are very attractive to men. They say that after the classes strip dance “inner cat” appears by itself in everyday life, so – long live strip dance.

A feminine, sexy voice also has a magical effect on men. Who hasn’t heard the story of a man falling in love with a woman’s voice? Many of us sigh – oh, it’s natural! Indeed, against nature you can not go, but also to work on themselves, too, do not hurt.

Feminine voice – a gentle, velvet, with a huff, chest. Women’s speech really murmurs, not “cackles”. No shrill, hysterical notes. And of course, it matters what you say with that voice. Mat is canceled, because the mat – the prerogative of men!

Learn to laugh pleasantly, melodiously, in a female way. “Geeks” and “laughter” – that’s for teenagers.

And of course, coquetry is so feminine! But flirtation must be in moderation, otherwise it can turn into affectation.

Feminine hair.

Nowadays, both women and men can have any hair – long, short, soft, hard – but the stereotypes are still alive. This is why men consider long, flowing, soft hair to be feminine. By the way, this hair gives out in his mistress of a gentle and romantic nature.

However, a short haircut can also be feminine. The less masculine your haircut, the more feminine it is!

Feminine Makeup

Feminine Makeup

As I wrote above, feminine makeup is meant to accentuate everything that is feminine about your face.

But it’s also silly not to take advantage of the benefits of makeup at all. You just have to find the sweet spot between a natural and a painted face.

Feminine nails

Manicure and pedicure must be a must – this is not up for debate! Feminine and neat look well-groomed nails, covered with nail polish, even colorless.

Feminine clothes

It is impossible to look feminine without properly chosen clothing. Feminine clothes – this is not necessarily a romantic style of clothes, although there is some truth in it. It is just necessary to observe a few rules when choosing clothes.


Feminine clothes are distinguished by fabrics – they are soft, delicate, easily draped and fluffy. The ones you want to touch. Those that men never wear. Chiffon, silk, velvet, flying fabrics, lace, fur, kisses and others. It is such fabrics well emphasize how different you are from men.

The color of your clothes should be anything except dull and unsightly. And of course, the color should not overshadow you!

To look feminine, avoid rough fabrics. And it is advised to avoid not only traditionally masculine fabrics such as thick wool and tweed, but also fabrics in striped checks and even jeans. Personally, I’m not ready to give up jeans yet.

The silhouette

Choose a silhouette that emphasizes the figure and its advantages, but hides its flaws. Close-fitting clothes that emphasize the chest, waist, hips, but not exposing too much – this is what you need.


The basis of a feminine closet are dresses and skirts. A dress makes a woman stand out from the mass of women – that’s what the mass craze for pants leads to!


To look feminine, you don’t have to dress romantically at all. It’s enough just to avoid the strict style, typical for men (pants, jackets and vests of the male type, stiff collars and cuffs, the lack of interesting details in clothes).

Feminine shoes.

Men’s opinions on our shoes were expressed by my friend’s husband. “I’d throw out all your ballet shoes and sneakers, so you’d only wear a heel!”

There are men who consider anything that doesn’t resemble a man’s boots to be feminine footwear. Others, however, as we see, insist that feminine shoes are always shoes with heels.


Perhaps accessories distinguish us very much from men. Jewelry, jewelry, soft handkerchiefs, handbags, gloves and so on and so forth…

And lastly

As we know, the inner is reflected on the outer, and vice versa, the outer is reflected on the inner. It costs you to dress feminine, do feminine makeup and hair, and immediately there will be such attractive feminine features in your movements, voice and way of thinking. Try it – and I’m sure that the reaction of men to your transformation will be more than unambiguous: I like it!

Are there any tips to make me look girly with or without makeup?

If you’re wondering how to look girly without makeup, I have a few tips that’ll help you out.
First of all, drink plenty of water. You might be thinking that this is the most obvious tip ever but it’s actually not. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs hydration in order to keep it looking healthy and fresh.
Secondly, try to avoid too much salt in your diet. Salt will make your skin look drier and more wrinkled so try to cut back on salty foods as much as possible.
Lastly, use concealer or foundation if you want your complexion to look evened out and flawless. Foundation will also help with any breakouts or blemishes that you may have on your face at the moment so make sure to use it!

How can I become more feminine naturally?

The most important aspects of being feminine are a woman’s appearance, behavior, and attitude.
Women are often judged on their appearance in terms of how attractive they are. Feminine behavior is often associated with being soft, gentle and kind. And finally, women should always have an attitude that is positive and optimistic.

How can I look more prettier and feminine?


It is important to know that there are different looks for different occasions. For example, a night out on the town requires a more dramatic makeup look than an interview for work.
The most important thing to remember when doing your makeup is to find what works best for you and how you want to portray yourself. This can be done by finding tutorials on YouTube or just experimenting with new looks until you find one that suits you best.

How can I look more physically feminine?

There are many practical tips for looking more feminine. It all starts with the clothes you wear. You can try to wear clothes that are more form-fitting and feminine, such as skirts and dresses. You can also try to avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or baggy, as these will make you look less feminine.
Another way to look more feminine is by wearing makeup. Make sure that your makeup is subtle and natural, so it doesn’t take away from your natural beauty. One way to do this is by using a light foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation or powder on your face and neck. You can also use a light blush on your cheeks for color, mascara on your lashes for volume, lip gloss on your lips for shine, and eyeshadow.