How to take care of piercing in the first days after the piercing?

Proper care for the piercing in the first days after the piercing is the key to success. In order for the new jewelry to not create health problems, and, on the contrary, bring only joy, it is necessary to fulfill a few simple conditions. You need to know which sensations are absolutely normal (redness of the skin, slight swelling of the tissues), and in which cases it is necessary to take measures, up to a visit to the doctor.

For example, slight swelling and bleeding are natural reactions of the body in the first days, as well as bruising and a feeling of weakness. But if these troubles last more than a week, you should consult with the master, who carried out the surgery. The same should be done if pus forms in the puncture site (you should distinguish the natural whitish lymph secretions from the thicker and darker pus).

Now I will tell you about the ways to take care of piercings after piercing different places on the body. These techniques accelerate the healing of wounds, prevent the formation of unsightly scars, and minimize painful sensations.

Tongue Piercing

First, let’s consider the care of tongue piercing: it has a number of features that are worth learning about in advance. During the first four hours, the pierced tongue should not be disturbed. This means that you can not eat, drink (including alcoholic beverages) and smoke. After four hours of rest, you can treat yourself to ice cream or soft drinks. In general, you will need to eat cold food, drink water with ice or suck ice chips in your mouth for the entire healing period. You should not try hot food or drinks – it is fraught with painful sensations. It will also be unpleasant to eat food with spices and consume alcohol, all of which increase swelling. Normally, the tongue begins to swell immediately after the puncture, and the maximum discomfort the client experiences on days 2-6. During these days, it is difficult to speak because the tongue becomes large and clumsy. Saliva has to be swallowed often, and the mouth has to be rinsed regularly with disinfectant solutions. It is not terrible if the tongue turns green or brown – you just need to reduce the number of rinses. After a week the swelling will go down, and on day 8-10 the long balloon bar can be replaced by a shorter one. It is better to enlist the help of a specialist in Rostov-on-Don to perform this procedure, but you can also handle it yourself. The main thing – to make the replacement quickly: even a fully healed piercing is closed within a day in the absence of jewelry in it.

take care of piercing

Lip piercing

The care of a lip piercing has much in common with the care of a tongue piercing. It is also necessary to stick to a diet, to refrain from kissing and oral sex, rinse your mouth with individually selected solutions of disinfectant liquids. Similarly, the replacement of a long clove with a short one, after the swelling goes down. But the lip piercing requires additional attention: every day (most conveniently in the morning) should be treated with a saline solution, dissolving and removing crusts. After cleansing, the wound is smeared with lavender oil, gently turning the ornament so that the oil gets inside. Healing usually takes about a month, sometimes complete healing takes up to eight weeks, which is perfectly normal. It is also normal for the jewelry to “nest” – move to the inside of the lip. Rings are more prone to this behavior than carnations, as they are more mobile.

Nose piercing

Has its own peculiarities and the care of a nose piercing. Although the nose swells in the puncture point is much less than the mouth, and after two days the swelling begins to fall, but the complete healing takes up to 10 weeks. If the swelling does not subside on the fourth day, it is cause for concern and consultation with your master. The first three weeks, the new jewelry should be washed several times a day. The minimum is twice, better – four times a day. If the wound still festered and reddened, you can lubricate it with Levomecol, but not more than a week in a row. You should not touch the jewelry, especially unwashed hands. Carefully wipe your face with a towel, do not touch the earring. It is not recommended to go to the sauna, swimming pool or even take hot showers. Slows the healing process and prolonged exposure to the sun, cosmetics, obstructing the access of air to the piercing. In the first days after surgery, it is better not to drink coffee, alcohol and aspirin. You should protect the piercing site from cold and drafts.

Belly button piercing

The care of belly button piercings is not difficult, but requires regular procedures over a long period of time. The healing period may take several months. In the first few days, it is important not to traumatize the place of the piercing, to cool the puncture area to reduce swelling. You can use a compress with cold water or ice. You should not seal the piercing with a plaster – in the absence of air flow to the skin, the healing process is strongly delayed. In numerous weeks, the navel will need to be washed with a saline solution every day. This is an easy procedure: moistened with salt water, a cotton balloon is placed in the umbilical fossa for 5-10 minutes and then removed along with the crusts soaked. Later hygiene can be maintained with normal warm water and soap. After the procedure, the navel area should be carefully dried with a paper towel. It is influential to carefully monitor the cleanliness of your hands, clothes, and bedding.


The peculiarity of care for an ear-piercing is the need to sleep on your back for several weeks and change the pillowcase every day for a clean and freshly ironed one. You will also have to disinfect daily using solutions with salt. You should rotate the jewelry gently to allow the solution to penetrate the wound. At any other time, the earring should not be touched, much less rotated. Painfulness of the puncture site, swelling of the earlobe, fluid discharge from the wound – all of these phenomena are absolutely normal in the first couple of weeks. These unpleasant feelings can occur later, if you traumatize the place of the piercing. You should be especially careful when scratching, using the phone and carefully wearing headgear while the ear wounds are healing. Not only trauma or infection, but also an allergic reaction to metal, can be the cause of abscesses or swelling of the earlobe. If, despite the careful care and absence of trauma, the wound is painful and festering – it is necessary to visit a dermatologist. You can get tested for possible allergies and individually select the appropriate jewelry material for the individual.

General tips for take care of piercing of any part of the body are as follows:

  • keep the puncture site clean;
  • do not use hydrogen peroxide or liquids containing alcohol for disinfection;
  • make a saline solution yourself by dissolving a quarter teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water;
  • rinse your mouth, consult a master which one to choose;
  • baths, beaches, swimming pools and sea bathing should be postponed until the place of piercing is fully healed;
  • If there is even the slightest doubt that the healing process is correct, ask your master for advice.

How do you apply makeup to a fresh nose piercing?

The following is a list of tips for applying makeup to a fresh nose piercing.
-Apply foundation or concealer to the area of skin around the piercing, blending it into your skin.
-Use an angled eyeliner brush and black eye shadow to create a smoky eye effect around the piercing.
-Apply mascara on top of the eyeshadow.
-Use lip liner on your lips, then use lipstick or gloss over it.

What should I avoid after nose piercing?


Avoid touching your nose with dirty hands, avoid touching your nose with dry hands, avoid using a hair dryer on your nose, avoid using a pincushion on your nose.
We should not touch our noses with dirty hands because it can lead to infection. We should not touch our noses with dry hands because it can lead to irritation and cracking of the skin. We should not use a hair dryer on our nose because it can burn the skin and cause damage. We should not use a pincushion on our nose because it can cause irritation and cracking of the skin.

How long does it take to change a nose ring from a stud to a ring?

Nose rings are a popular trend in the fashion industry. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they go through the nose. This is usually done with a stud or ring. The procedure to change a nose ring from stud to ring is simple and doesn’t take more than five minutes.
1) Take off the old nose ring or stud with pliers
2) Clean the area where you want to place the new one
3) Put on a new nose ring or stud