Perfect makeup without the use of powder Top 5 beauty tips

Foundations have many detractors: some people dislike that they look unnatural on the skin up close. Others dislike these beauty products because they lay down on the skin in thick layers. In summer, the discomfort increases – it seems as if the foundation melts under the influence of high temperature. That’s why you don’t want to apply it to your skin. But how else can you give your skin a flawless look?


Proper skin care is a must. If you want to skip foundations and powders, you have to use skin care products and not neglect the appropriate procedures. First, it is important to take care of a clean skin. On a daily basis to remove dirt and makeup residues by means of oils and cleansing gels, and weekly – remove dead skin cells with a scrub. Secondly, clean skin needs moisture and nutrients, so you can’t do without day and night creams. The result is beautiful, even-toned skin that is free of inflammation and other imperfections.

Color correction

To improve the appearance of skin in the creation of makeup in which you want to do without foundation, help color-correcting primers. They are translucent and therefore not visible on the skin, but they still have a light touch that helps even out your tone. For example, Studio Perfect Primer by NYX Professional Makeup is available as a green gel (it will help “correct” the redness of the skin), as well as lilac (it lightens the skin, giving it a fresh look). True, such primers will not cope with visible skin imperfections.


One or more pimples without a product with pigments can’t hide. You’ll have to use a concealer. However, a spot correction is still better than creating a full coverage on the face. To keep imperfections camouflaged all day long, choose a concealer with a long-lasting formula. On skin that has not been treated with foundation, an ordinary concealer is unlikely to hold well. Pay attention to High Precision Retouch concealer by Giorgio Armani.

Blur Effect.

For this reason, a blur-effect product can be very effective. It smoother the skin, conceals enlarged pores and forms a light-reflective coating that blurs imperfections (wrinkles, for example), making them seem less noticeable. The result is skin that looks like it has been retouched with one of Photoshop’s tools. Touché Éclat Blur Perfector by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, for example, is capable of this. On the skin, this product takes on the texture of a balm that performs retouching, dramatically improving its appearance.

Matte Skin.

Do you use foundations to solve the problem of oily skin shine? There are other ways to deal with this unpleasantness. First, you can treat your skin with a transparent mineral powder, which is usually used to fix your makeup and create a velvety finish. There are also special matting powders – these include, for example, De-Slick by Urban Decay. This powder is different in that it not only hides greasy shine, but absorbs sebum secreted by the skin. Because of this, it stays matte throughout the day. Another tool that can help is the matte wipes. Use them once or twice a day to get rid of the oily film.

Do you need powder to set foundation?

makeup without the use of powder

A setting powder is a finishing powder that you apply on top of your makeup to set and lock it in place. It is used to prevent the makeup from transferring, smudging, or fading throughout the day. It also helps with coverage and minimizing pores.
The answer to this question really depends on your preference and skin type. If you have oily skin, then a setting powder will not be necessary because it will just make your makeup look cakey. However, if you have dry skin or live in a cold climate, then yes it would be necessary because it will help keep your makeup looking fresh all day long.

What can you use to set your makeup?

Makeup is a beauty product that women use to enhance their natural features.
There are many different ways to set your makeup, but it really depends on the occasion and the person. For example, if you were going to a wedding, you might want to wear more dramatic makeup than if you were going for a night out with friends.