A man’s truth: How boys perceive women’s makeup

Each woman is beautiful in her own way, but not everyone knows how to apply makeup correctly. Many men are repelled by the excessive makeup on women’s faces, but not all women understand this. Not to refuse from the makeup at all, of course, but in order not to scare away men, think before you put a heavy layer of makeup on your face.

Very often girls spend a lot of time in front of the mirror in order to apply makeup and be more attractive. The inability to use makeup, as well as the proper selection of makeup, can have a negative impact on men’s attitudes. Few people like a ton of makeup on a woman’s face, and all these efforts in front of the mirror, for the most part, are simply not appreciated.

Types of makeup and how men treat each of them

Men, contrary to the common opinion, often take women’s makeup even more seriously than the ladies themselves. Different types of makeup can have different effects on the stronger sex.

“Natural” makeup

When members of the stronger sex declare that they like the natural beauty of a woman, they most likely mean a minimal amount of makeup on the face. This does not mean that there shouldn’t be any at all.

Many men are attracted to naturalness: a thin layer of foundation, a little powder, a small amount of mascara on the lashes and a transparent barely noticeable lip gloss or lipstick with a gentle and light shade.

perceive women's makeup

“Predatory” makeup

Makeup in the style of “predator” like many women and confidently apply it to the face, not even thinking about how this image actually affects men.

This kind of makeup, as a rule, changes a woman so much that she can hardly be recognized without it. Men do not like to see a huge layer of makeup on a woman’s face: brightly painted lips, several layers of foundation and powder, heavily painted eyes. This image repulses the stronger sex, or allows them to think of the woman as a frivolous person without any serious intentions.

Without makeup

Being beautiful without makeup is also a huge challenge and effort. Not every lady can take care of herself so that her skin stays smooth, soft, and free of unnecessary blemishes.

It all costs labor and patience, and not everyone is willing to spend a lot of time day after day in facial masks or eye creams. But not every man is attracted to such a “natural” beauty, so a minimal layer of makeup is still necessary in some cases.

What kind of makeup men like the most

This question is not easy to answer, but there are certain rules about how to apply makeup that will attract and not repel men.

The best option: apply makeup in a “natural” style. Mostly, this type doesn’t repel men and at the same time doesn’t allow them to think that the lady in front of them is frivolous and unseriously.

A woman with a light unobtrusive makeup has to like not every man, but the chances to like the stronger sex representatives increased many times, rather than if the makeup in the style of “predator.

Do not overdo it with cosmetics. This is more repulsive than attractive to the men. Even if your man is attracted to the makeup style “predator”, try as rarely as possible to apply a thick layer of foundation, as well as not too bright paint eyes and lashes. All this is detrimental to health and bad for the natural beauty and skin color. Knowing how to choose the right cosmetics is also an important factor.

Do boys notice makeup?

It is a well-known fact that boys notice girls wearing makeup. However, they do not know what types of makeup they notice the most. The type of makeup one wears can greatly affect how the boy perceives the girl.
There are 5 types of makeup that boys notice the most:
1) Eye shadow 2) Mascara
3) Lipstick
4) Blush
5) Foundation

Do guys prefer when girls wear makeup?

This is a question that many girls have asked themselves before. The answer is not black and white. There are many different factors that determine what a guy may think about when he sees a girl wearing makeup. However, there are some trends that can be observed from the data that has been collected on the subject.
The following article will explore some of these trends and provide insight into what guys think about makeup and its effect on their perception of girls.

Why is makeup considered attractive?

The factors that contribute to makeup being attractive are the following:
1. Shape of the face:
2. Skin tone:
3. Eye color and shape:
4. Hair color and style:
5. Lipstick color and lip liner application:
6. Foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow powder

What does it mean when a girl wears makeup?

Women are often judged for wearing makeup. But in reality, it is a personal choice. Some women wear makeup to feel confident and some wear it to feel beautiful. It is no one’s place to judge them for wearing makeup.
Some people might think that women who wear makeup are trying to cover up their insecurities or flaws. But in reality, they are just trying to make themselves feel better about themselves and the way they look.