How to properly store makeup brushes?

Every fashionista has the necessary decorative cosmetics in her arsenal to create an everyday or bright evening look.  And for the application of any cosmetics you need special brushes. Not surprisingly, their number in a woman’s cosmetic bag is only increasing.

For brushes, as well as for any cosmetics, it is necessary to properly care for and monitor their condition. They require regular washing and drying to prevent the growth of pathogenic microbes. Equally important is the proper storage of the accessories – the method of placement largely determines the lifespan of the brushes.

What should you consider when choosing how to store makeup brushes?

Each brush should have its own place for storage, washing and drying. That way they’ll all be close at hand, and you can monitor their condition.

When choosing how to store your brushes, you should consider the following parameters:

Brush size – there should be enough space in a box or pencil case for a brush to fit freely along its entire length. Otherwise, there may be tears, hair breaks, and deformations on the handle;

The hair type and its protection: natural hair is a choice for powdery cosmetics, while artificial is for liquid textures. It is important to limit the access of dust and other contaminants to the brush head, otherwise dirt from the fibers will get on the skin, and this is fraught with inflammation. You can use special caps as protection, or give preference to a closed storage box;

The width of storage – ideally there should be a separate box for each brush so that it does not rub against other accessories.

store makeup brushes

How to store makeup brushes: popular ways

Cosmetologists offer several convenient solutions to store makeup brushes:

Pouch – the simplest option, each accessory will have its own place, brushes will not rub against each other. However, the pouch has no lid and no additional protection from dust. The bag with brushes should be stored in a special cabinet, away from moisture;

The tube is a compact and simple option. Suitable to store makeup brushes in an upright position. Its disadvantages were that it didn’t let air in and had to ventilate your brushes;

A glass or a vase – a classic variant when all the accessories are placed vertically. They will always be in sight and at hand. To protect from dirt, excessive moisture, you should put a glass with brushes in a closed cabinet;

Container – suitable for vertical and horizontal storage of makeup brushes. You should not place it in the bathroom to avoid getting water on the lint;

A specialized box that can be big enough for those who own a big cosmetics collection. Each brush can be placed in a specially designated cell or stand, and a tight lid will protect the accessories from moisture and dust. This type of storage is optimal for makeup artists, for everyday makeup with 2 – 3 brushes the box is too big.

How to extend the storage life of brushes?

Prolong the life of brushes will help proper care. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean brushes from makeup residue as you get dirty, but at least once a week;
  • Brushes should be cleaned with mild soapy water;
  • Brushes should be dried on a flat horizontal surface after washing;
  • Do not place wet brushes upright – dripping water can damage the lint or the adhesive backing.

These simple rules will help you to keep your makeup brushes for a long time.

How do you store extra makeup brushes?

When it comes to organizing makeup brushes, there are many different ways to do so. Here are a few suggestions that might help you with your organization needs.
The first and most important thing is to find a space in which you can store your brushes. For some people this may be on a shelf or in a drawer. If you want to be able to see your brushes, then consider storing them on an open shelving unit or in a drawer with clear glass panels so that they can be viewed from all angles.
If you have the space, then it may also be helpful to purchase an acrylic brush holder that will allow for more storage options as well as protect your brushes from dust and other harmful substances.

Should makeup brushes be covered?

I think makeup brushes should be covered because that is a hygienic and sanitary way of storing them. I also think that it is important to keep your brushes clean to avoid bacteria from building up on them.

How do you store makeup brushes upside down?

store makeup brushes

This is a question that has been asked by many people in the beauty industry. The answer is that you should store them upside down so the bristles are not flattened by gravity.
The best way to store makeup brushes is to hang them on a hook. This way, they will stay in their original shape and you can easily find the brush you’re looking for.

How do you use a dual ended foundation brush?

A dual ended foundation brush is a makeup brush that has two sides. One side is a flat, dense and small brush that is used to apply liquid or cream foundation to the face. The other side is a round, fluffy and larger brush that is used to blend the foundation on the skin.
Dual-sided brushes are designed for use with liquid or cream foundations, which are applied with the smaller end of the brush, then blended out with the larger end.