Do men’s need to go to a spa?

Just 10 years ago, men did not use rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatments, considering them the prerogative of women. But every year, opinion has changed in a positive direction, which is associated with new trends and society’s desire to get rid of gender stereotypes.

And, although modern men are happy to visit spas, the question whether it is necessary to do so remains open. What are the benefits and harms of manipulation of the stronger sex? How do they differ from the feminine? The answers to questions that bother guys are found and broken down “in the boxes.

Myths about spas for men

The significant impact on men’s opinion about SPA are the myths created by the prejudices of the past, fears and misconceptions about the procedures.

The most common ones are:

Spas are only for women. Today, many establishments boast healing products, relaxing procedures, and special programs that are designed exclusively for men.

Such salons are frequented by gays and effeminate guys. 73% of clients are real men who are just taking care of their appearance and nervous system. They relax after a hard day with the help of sessions.

Spas are cosmetic treatments, which means they involve cosmetics. And rightly so, and no. The range of manipulations, in addition to cosmetic, include massages, saunas, baths, hairdressing services, and much more.

Spas are expensive. The myth is based on “real events”, because some elite salons really put high prices, because they are designed for rich clients. But even the inexpensive establishments are capable of high-quality work.

SPA is a waste of time and money. The sessions have a lot of advantages and almost no disadvantages. Any man who regularly visits them, feels a lasting positive effect, which is worth the expense.

Myths are gradually dispelled, opening the opportunity for the male sex to enjoy all the pleasures of rejuvenating and relaxing treatments. The Germans were the first to try them – it was from Germany that the “male form” of SPA originated about 10 years ago.

SPA for men

The difference between male and female SPA

The difference between men’s sessions and women’s sessions is the purpose of their visit. Girls are willing to go through fire and water for beauty, so their spa programs are designed to have the most positive effect on the skin and appearance.

Men’s programs are based on the recovery of body organs and systems, as well as relaxation. Guys pay more attention to health and psyche than to appearance. Anti-aging procedures are universal, as well as those designed to get rid of excess weight, because it is important for modern men to look respectable and keep their body in shape.

The benefits and harms of SPA for men

SPA has many advantages that make it popular among representatives of all sexes and social classes.

The procedures have the following effects:

  • fully relax, allow you to abstract from problems and external irritants;
  • Relieve from stress and depression;
  • release muscle tension;
  • Smooth out wrinkles, make the skin firm, smooth and clean;
  • Have a beneficial effect on the figure, getting rid of excess weight;
  • give energy, improve mood;
  • improve sleep;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Have a preventive effect on various diseases, including chronic ones.

No less important advantage is an individual approach to each visitor, helping to feel like a VIP-person, to improve self-esteem, to get motivation to develop physically and spiritually.

What are the disadvantages of SPA? In the women’s version, it is pain and discomfort that the girls have to go through for the sake of beauty. It’s different for men. Each session is the embodiment of maximum benefit and pleasure, and the slightest discomfort, not to mention pain, is forbidden. That is why these relaxation sessions do not cause any harm or have any contraindications.

Procedures for Men

Modern SPA salons have developed special complexes of procedures for the stronger sex.

Hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, facial beauty masks help men look well-groomed, fresh and young. Contrary to the belief that such manipulations are necessary for non-traditional people, they are increasingly visited by businessmen, for whom the appearance plays not the least role during business negotiations regarding million-dollar deals.

Dangerous shaving is a new trend that attracts men of all ages. Aromatic oils, hot compresses, individual shavers make the strong sex feel in the hands of the master, experiencing a certain extreme.

SPA for men

Thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy

For guys, it is important to have a sauna or a bathhouse. Russians traditionally appreciate steam rooms, where you can not only heal the body, but also have mental conversations. Steaming prepares the skin, allows further manipulation with maximum benefit and pleasure.

That is why in every self-respecting SPA-salon there is a sauna, baths and pools. In elite establishments clients are offered water procedures with seawater, seaweed, healing muds, clay, and salt. In the price-list, these procedures are referred to as hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy.


Leading among the most popular male spa procedures is massage. In the salons offer a variety of massage choices – from head and neck massage to foot massage.

Exotic massages from other countries are becoming popular:

  • Finnish;
  • Thai;
  • stone;
  • Chicago with bourbon;
  • American with beer;
  • erotic.

Classical and sports massages are also not losing their relevance.

Any stroking, rubbing, pinching, kneading is aimed at creating a pleasant painless sensation. Proved that after a professional massage you feel a rush of energy, improve your health, mood and tone your muscles.

Massage helps keep the body in shape and the nerves in peace. It also serves as an excellent preventive measure against many diseases. For example, erotic massage has a positive effect on the prostate, reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

Dim light, aromatic candles, essential oils, soft music, and skilled hands of a masseuse draw men to SPA-salons, help find peace and improve their health.

The answer to the question, “Should men go to a spa?” can’t be unequivocal, because everything is strictly individual. Someone has a psychological barrier, someone simply does not see the need for extra money. Nevertheless, it is possible to draw some conclusions.

Spa treatments are useful, pleasant and not always expensive. They have no drawbacks, but the healing and cosmetic result is noticeable after the first visit. Positive emotions, the bliss that men experience during procedures, make them come to the salons again.